Background Checks / Employment Vetting

The importance of this type of investigation is generally under-emphasized. This is a vital part of the background checks performed before hiring, investing, or entering into business partnerships. Resumes are often doctored. Identity theft and impersonation are on the increase. Committing huge resources to an employee or a business could be a risky undertaking. Verifications is just Evaluate and mitigate your risks.

Statistics (Human Resource Magazine 2015)

Most people only realize the importance of due diligence and background checks after they have suffered some form of loss, either through employees or business transactions. The statistics reveal that;

  • 85% of employers report finding misrepresentations on a resume or job application.
  • 77% of employers say background checks uncovered issues that would have gone unnoticed.
  • Serial defaulters and wrongdoers most often leave traces of their previous misdeeds. An investigative effort can uncover this.


Verifications have become an indispensable part of the investigative process. At SPG, we assist clients undertake

  • Educational verifications
  • Identity checks
  • Driver License verifications
  • Academic Transcript verifications
  • Criminal records check